Hail Jake

by The Pellys

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ActuallyNathaniel thumbnail
ActuallyNathaniel I love the sound and the fact that they are local to me is just amazing! Can't wait to go to their next live gig! Favorite track: Shiny Things.
Elijah Johnston
Elijah Johnston thumbnail
Elijah Johnston God bless the pellys. God bless Jake. God bless the strange mechanical humming feedback sound rattling during the entire EP. God bless the cohesiveness. Favorite track: Shiny Things.
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The Pellys are a jangly surf-punk garage-pop band in the vein of Twin Peaks, Christopher Owens/Girls, The Orwells, etc. The Pellys emerged from the suburbs of Grayson, Georgia with rock in their souls and love in their hearts.

Hail Jake is their first proper release, and over the course of five sweet dream-punk songs, they make a strong case for being one of Atlanta's best new rock bands.

"...deliriously catchy garage-pop hooks" - Immersive Atlanta

hope ya'll enjoy :-) - ian


released October 7, 2016

Music by: The Pellys
Produced by: Damon Moon/ The Pellys
Recorded/Tracked/ Mixed/ Mastered by: Damon Moon at the Cottage Recording co. in Atlanta.
Artwork by: Savana Ogburn

Shout outs to: Ben Kelly, Andy Ramirez, Brian Wilson, Tasmia Milkey, Maddie Talbert, my mama, Amon Whitfield, Tre Wood, Ana Petrova, Jake Parker, Robin Dudek, Rachel Isaza, Christine and Gracie, Grace Valentine, Andy Liechty, Claudia Getlik, all the folks at mellow mushroom snellvile, i love you,,,, Pedro Ortiz, Sierra Chard, Andrew Marlowe, Bailey Houston, Kassandra Rios, Celestina Tarin, Devin O'neal, Luke Sheehan, Bennett Kane, Benjamin Kinzer, Robell Negussie, David Brooks, Sarah and Jessica Grimmett, Tatiana Webster, Jay Szympruch, Savana Ogburn and all the cool people @Sonic Blume, Yoon, and some local bands who inspired me a heck ton and helped me follow my dreAms, s/o to Antarcticats, Pinkest, Rad-isaurus Rex, Sea Ghost, Nihilist Cheerleader, Lunar Vacation, Newark Wilder, Dakota Floyd, Young Sirens, Bitter, Cutcard, Gringo Star, Andrew and the Disapyramids, Pop Weirdos, Meth Wax and Shantih Shantih, its amazing to be a part of such a talented community of musicians, love - ian



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The Pellys Atlanta, Georgia

surfy dream pop near the ATL :-))

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Track Name: Shiny Things
Do you remember me my dear?
Has your end closed or neared?
I hope you're doing well where life is great but there's no living hell where heaven can wait...

What do you need?
Someone to hold
Shiny things like
Diamonds or gold?
I'm so poor well
Truth be told
Oooh wah ooh

You told me secrets when you weren't sober
Don't have a clue but I felt closer
And now you're leavin' and its not fair
Saying it was just a phase pretending that you cared...

What do you need?
Someone to hold
Shiny things like
Diamonds or gold?
I'm so poor well
Truth be told
Oooh wah ooh

Do I even cross your mind?
Or a memory left behind..
I know this can't be true
'cause I spent countless times
Saying how much
I love you
Track Name: I Don't Understand
The rumors I've heard
There's no way they can be true
Every time I talk to her
I feel all funny and well soon
I'll get sentimental
And try my best to stay away

I just don't understand
Why she loves him
And why she stays with him
And I just don't understand

The rumors I've heard
It turns out that they were true
But I just don't care
Because I'm so in love with you
And I can't believe that
You're still with that piece of shit.
Track Name: Hail Jake
Stocking shelves at a hardware store
Dead bodies all over the floor
He's a menace
He's the king
He's a soul eating killing fiend

Deadpool and that Secret Wars shit
He created well, all of it
He's the master
He's the king
He's a soul eating killing machine

Hail Jake
That's what I said
Hail Jake
Or you'll be dead

Corpses hanging from the chandelier
He exposes all of your fears
He writes in blood in the bathroom stalls
Inverted crosses all over the walls

He wants your children
He'll eat them whole
Jake's assuming control
Track Name: Celestina
Oh Celestina
Oh Celestina
Why must you be so far away
Oh Celestina

I'd move out west for you and stay there forever
Just look at the moonlight and dream of our endeavors

*insert spooky instrumental*
Track Name: In the End
The sun went down
We had our laughs
In the end
none of it, really matters

And what would you say
If maybe some day
We could try this
Well, try this again

Was it something I said
I get lost in my head
Thinking of you and knowing
You don't think of me too
In the end
None of it really matters